Features that will bring this program to the next level

  • First off, I want to say this program is a fantastic and creative concept. Way to go for creating something so innovative. There is much work to be done, but this product should be a future success.

    Lets change the program interface on log in. It is artsy and cute, but getting more professionals and not start ups is the key. Then you can charge more $$.

    Also, to be used in a really professional format we need the project to be exported with a transparent background so it can be brought into After Effects, Motion or another program to use dynamic backgrounds, lens flares, advanced lighting, etc. Unless you want to spend the time and money bringing these features in to VideoScribe........

    For Mac.

    Delete Key function added and perhaps other key shortcuts

    There is no undo

    Handles for rotation instead of the center arrow. The program is just not responsive enough to adjust rotation effectively.

    Camera default on current position when inserted.

    Morphing is okay, but what about a crossfade option

    pressing the zoom in or out doesn't function from current camera view.
    So the zoom feature doesn't serve it's actual purpose and is essentially useless to the workflow of the project.

    These few ideas will bring the program to the next level.

    Next level after that, timeline issues like seeing audio waveforms and having a general idea of where the narration is in relation to the videoscribe. Also with that timeline, navigational buttons to jump to next or previous.
     also dragging multiple items in the timeline to an earlier point in front of others.

    And last thing, great job. Continue the creative revolution!

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  • Hi Sasha 

    There's a lot there to respond to...

    99% of these suggestions are there in version 2 - coming very shortly.

    The camera doesn't default to the current position on insert - will have to think about that one - and some of the multiple item functions aren't quite there yet... but thankfully we are spot on with the other suggestions.

  • The largest time (and therefore money) waster of Videoscribe in the inability for the camera to be set with a default position on each inserted item.  Every item requires a click to set the camera.  If you forget to set it, the canvas zooms in or out.  I cannot express the frustration of chasing the canvas all over the page...and all the extra clicks required to complete a project.  Yuck.

    PLEASE add default camera position options!


  • Hi Kent

    So in version 2 (now in beta, due for release shortly), you can select multiple items and set the camera for all the selected items at once.  Would this help?  (as a workaround for this sort of workflow?)

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