Missing 2-3 second of audio?

  • I have saved the scribe online as Allied Final when I play it in video scribe, it works perfectly then when I download it, there is missing audio at 1:05 to 1:08. I have tried to redo this but the problem keeps happening?

    Can anyone suggest anything please?


    1) If you have a music soundtrack as well as voiceover, setting music to LOOP will fix some (voiceover AND music) audio problems.

    2) If the "missing" part of your audio is dropping out because it is only using the left or right channel instead of both, then resaving your audio file as MONO instead of STEREO, and then importing the new version into videoscribe may fix the problem.

    More troubleshooting tips for audio problems: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000023756

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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