Extend Trial But Can't Login

  • Hi Sir/Madam

    My trial was extended...today is the last day...but i can't login....please help me...i need to render my video...

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  • Please provide a clearer description of what you are doing and the symptoms you see.

    ( the other post I have read from you indicates that your free trial ended and you made a new trial with a different email.)

    -mike (videoscribe user)

  • i uninstall the software and install back the software....so i create a new email...to get back my old video..in previous email...but i can't get back my old video..so what should i do...today is my last trial i need to render my video...please teach me how to solve the problem

  • Hi Biz

    You're right: you should still be on the trial.  Please advise the error you are getting.

  • Here the error i'll facing...please teach me how to fix it...today is my last day extended trial....but i still can't get my video...try look at the attachment...

    (81.6 KB)
  • I see one of my colleagues has responded to you personally and you can now use your account

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