No Audio or Video Streams

  • I am using the free trial software and want to make sure this product will do what i need before purchasing the Pro version.

    I have put together a real simple white board and a few tracks of VO, i then have saved and created the MOV file.

    Adobe Premiere says rendered MOV contains no audio or video stream.

    If i open the MOV using Windows Media - the file plays perfectly

    Any ideas?

  •  Hi,

    1) If your MOV will play in media player or quicktime player, then the problem seems to be with premiere.

    2) What version of premiere are you using?

    3) If you have multiple videoplayers or codec packs installed, they may create conflicts.

    4) you can find various threads on by people who get that error when they try to open MOV files. Example:

    If you cannot get premiere to open the files correctly, you may be able to use a free program such as freemake to convert the video format to get around the problem.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike, i am using Premiere CS6 6.0.2

    the Adobe forum post was helpful and will try a few of those suggestions.

    Funny thing, i was able to open the file in Windows Movie Maker but audio was not able to play - I will keep hacking away!


  • Hope you get it to work!

    You can upload your mov file if you want anyone else here to try to play it and see if the audio works.
  • Thanks again for the offer, i may have stumbled onto my issue, I had some issues with a CineForm CODEC file a couple weeks back. Quick time is unable to play the file even though windows media does.

    So how do you like this software past the free trial ? it appears to be much better than Easy Sketch

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