i can't find my files online and the document I saved is not opening

  • I got an .aep document saved on my computer and it does not work and my online presentations are all gone... HELP!

  •  Hi,

     An AEP file is (probably)  an After Effects Project file so you would have to use After Effcts to open it. It would not open in videoscribe.

    You will only be able to open a videoscribe work file on your computer if all 3 of the following are true:

    1) You have an active videoscribe membership

    2) You have videoscribe installed on your computer

    3) The scribes were created on your computer or saved online using the same membership OR you can import them as .scribe files.

    If the scribes were made for you by someone else, then it is likely that they still have the scribe files.

    If that does not answer all of your questions, then please describe the problem in more detail.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Alina,

    Sorry you're having problems.

    I have taken a look and cannot see a record of any online scribes from your account.
    Once online the scribes will be stored there (we do not delete any scribes from our servers).
    If you use VideoScribe with more than one computer, please check on those computers for any locally stored scribes.

    You may also want to test the online facility by saving a new scribe to the online directory. 

    This tutorial will assist you in doing this - http://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/1000033756

    Please try saving online and do not close VideoScribe until you can see the scribe in your online directory.

    In relation to the .aep file, this is not a .scribe file so would not work in VideoScribe, it may be a separate project you have been working on as Mike suggested.

    Thanks, Joe

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