illustrator cc svg files not showing up

  • I'm unable to import a svg file from Illustrator CC. The file name shows up but the thumbnail remains blank.

    I've previously resaved images using Inkscape but Inkscape is now producing errors.

    I'm kind of desperate as I've a video I need to create this week....

  • Hi,

    It is possible that the SVGs (or other images) are  being made in a way that might be causing problems in videoscribe.  the problem (file size, formatting, embedded elements, etc) with one image may not be significant enough to produce a symptom, but If you use multiple images that have minor problems, the effect can be cumulative and result in freezing, crashing or display problems.

    Sometimes restarting videoscribe or rebooting your computer will TEMPORARILY resolve some symptoms that stem from image problems. But if you think the images may be causing problems it would be best to learn how to avoid causing the problem(s) instead of simply rebooting every time they occur.

    Please add a new reply and attach some of the SVGs if you would like to receive specific feedback on them.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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