What is the current version?

  • My version is 1.3.31 Pro but when I log into my account , it says the latest version is 1.3.26 and there is a download button.

    So, do I have the latest version or does VideoScribe use some kind of weird backward versioning scheme?

  • A google search of sparkol  videoscribe 1.3.31 reveals that it was recalled due to a number of bugs. The currently available version is 1.3.26


    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike - that explains a lot. 

  • Hi Nancy,

    If you are running on a PC then VideoScribe version 1.3.26 will actually say that it is 1.3.31. If you go into Windows Control panel and find VideoScribe it will show the correct version number.


  • I am still confused.  When I open Videoscribe it says I have version: 1.3.32.
    Do I need to replace with 1.3.26?


  • you don't need to unless you are encountering problems with the newer version.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Jeff

    If you are experiencing problems rendering videos then reverting to version 1.3.26 will solve those issues.


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