audio not rendering into finished video

  •  When I add music into the scribe, it plays during the preview, but the system reports "no sound" when the rendering button is clicked. And no sound (music or voiceover) is attached to the scribed video.

    I am having this problem on my Windows 7 - Home Premium computer, but not my old XP.  I am looking for  a solution as my XP is technically DEAD.

  • If the audio plays in the preview mode but not in the rendered video:

    1) often if you use "save as a NEW copy and close" to save the file with a new name and then render it, miscellaneous problems are resolved.

    2) try a different video player, some people with multiple players installed, have reported no sound in one player while another one works properly.

    3) if your audio is saved at a low bitrate, try re-saving it at 256 or 320 kbps and then re-import it.

    other audio problems and solutions:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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