How to get the Best SVG view in VideoScribe 2.0

  • I have noticed that VideoScribe 2.0 uses the native Windows file explorer.

    I have installed the file view extension via this instant answer -

    I still seem to have an issue viewing the SVG thumbnails via VideoScribe 2.0.

    Can you advise what I should do?

  • Please be advised that VideoScribe version 2.0 uses file explorer to view files. 

    You will need this extension if you want a preview thumbnail before adding an SVG image

    to VideoScribe 2.0. Mor info on this extension can be found here -

    Once installed we recommend you follow these instructions to ensure you have the best view. 

    • Ensure VideoScribe is closed 
    • Open up the folder containing your SVG files via the PC file explorer first 
    • Ensure that the 'View' option on file explorer is set to 'Medium Icons' 
    • Select 'View' again  
    • Select options 
    • Select Change folder and Search options 
    • You will then be taken to Folder options  
    • Select the 'View' tab and then Press 'Apply to Folder's' 
    • This will change all your folders to the same view format. 
    • Confirm that you can now see the SVG thumbnails okay via Windows

    When you use VideoScribe 2.0 and select the import option via VideoScribe a 'file explorer window will open.

    Change the 'View' option to 'Medium Icons'

    You will now be able to view the thumbnails via VideoScribe's import option.

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