Unable To Access When Online

  • So if I try and access the program while online I get caught in the "You can only take advantage of the trial once" loop. In the past I had the program installed as a trial. I Go to your website today and see you have v2. I uninstall the other version (something like 1.3.1) and download V2. Then I buy the pro version (paypal fails BTW  so I put in a card. ) Got the receipt and install the program. Start it up. "You need the PRo version account to use VideoScribe. You can only take advantage of the trial once." 

    It appears after reviewing the previous people with this problem that you have to make some kind of switch on your end, which is why if I get off the internet it will open.

    Please make that switch and reconsider your use cases around people that come back to buy your product. Typically people in early research mode look over your product and then only purchase when they are ready to actually begin their project. Typically this is probably under a deadline and not having access to something you have paid for and were expecting to be able to use immediately is very frustrating.

  • Hi Mark

    I have converted this to a support question so that we can talk privately about your account


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