Library in v2 does not show

  • In v1, there were lots of folders available to browse and use. In v2, the library doesn't work. If I click on the Library button, nothing happens.

  • Hi m struthers,
    Since the buttons in videoscribe 2.0 are not currently labeled, I'm not sure if you mean the button that looks like a sun over two mountains (the "add image" button) or if you mean the actual library button which looks like a roman temple with four columns and a pointed roof.

    If you click the "add image"  button (looks like a sun over two mountains, but for several days I thought it was supposed to be the arms and head of a stickman running or swimming) THAT button opens the image selection menu... which by default will display favorites or recently used images from the previous version of videoscribe.  Are you getting a handful of random thumbnail images there instead of folders? Or are you getting absolutely nothing?

    If you have a HUGE number of favorites, the thumbnails may take a long time to load but hopefully they will load eventually (I would assume less than a minute unless it is crashing videoscribe). You can right-click any of those thumbnails to clear your recently used items and bring up the library folders. If you have no favorites or recently used items, then the library folders SHOULD appear by default I think.

    OR If you want to keep your recent images where they are and go to the library, you have to click the gray icon in upper right that sort of looks like a library, (or a bank, or a museum, or a Roman temple...) That should, after a brief delay, bring up the library folders (which now all look like thumbnails instead of folders.)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hello - Yes, I see the Roman Temple icon is supposed to be the Library button but it does not work.

    However, since the last message, I realise that if I'm connected to the internet, it does work.

    In the previous versions of VideoScribe, I could use the library whilst off-line.  Now, I see that this is impossible and I have to be connected to the internet at all times,

    When not connected, no matter how many times I click that button, nothing happens.  Once I connect, then the folders appear.

    I notice some of the folders say ONLINE in brackets after the folder title.  However, I can't see how they are any different to the folders that don't have the ONLINE message seeing as you also have to be online to access them.

  • Hi

    Sorry that you have had this problem.

    I can confirm that I can replicate the issue here. It has been logged as a high priority bug with our development team.

    We will work to get this fixed as soon as we can.


  • Hello - can you say when this high priority update will available please?

  • Hi

    I cannot give an exact date but we are looking at sometime in the next couple of weeks.



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