Grouping element in v2?

  • Is it possible to group more than one element together and move as one? It wasn't possible in the previous version but I was expecting it v2.

  • Hi Bella,

    Yes, it is possible.

    If you click on the first element and then hold down the Ctrl button and click on the other elements, either on the canvas or the timeline you will see them all selected.

    You can then move them all at the same time, resize them all or delete them all.

    Please note that there is a known issue with moving multiple elements left and right with the arrow keys but you can move by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

    This will be fixed soon in a patch release.



  • Bella and Andy,

    Worth noting that on a Mac you have to use the Cmd key to do this. Pressing the Ctrl key when holding down the mouse button, shows a dropdown menu.

  • Great - many thanks I'll give that a try.

  • Hi I gave this a try but it didn't work.  I'd like the three elements to move as one, but I can't get them to do that.  It still plays one after the after. 

  • Hi

    Bella What happens when you try and do this? And what are you expecting to happen as I am not sure what you mean by it still plays one after the after?

    If you could attach some screenshots that would be good.



  • Hi Andy,

    You'll see from the image that I three closed filing cabinets.  I have all three selected but each one appears individually.  Howe do i get them to appear as a group?

  • Hi Bella,

    If you want them all to appear at the same time then this link will help Place more than one image on the canvas

    If you have any more questions please get back to us.



  • I'm using the Demo v2. I'm unable to group elements to move together, either on the canvas or the timeline, using the CTRL key in Win7.

    I'll need to group as for technical scribe flows, elements often need either an embedded text label or a caption. As these are available as features, grouping is needed.


  • Meant to say attached text labels are unavailable features.

  • Are you wanting them to 'move in' together during playback?  If so, "Place more than one image on the canvas" applies.

    Are you wanting the ability to move them around the canvas together while you are setting the scribe up, to get them in the right position relative to other elements? If so, Andy's advise on ctrl+click applies.

    I hope that helps.

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