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  • I have several photogrpahs (.jpg files = source, sometimes I saved them as a .png) of whiteboard images.  The images are simple lines of course using whiteboard markers.  I could recreate all of them by using your stock images and images that I import but that would take a lot of time.  I tried importing them and having Videoscribe draw them (like hte Twitter logo in the first Tutorial) but hte quality was extremely poot.  Is there a way I can convert them to an SVG?  I do not have any special software like Illustrator unfortunately.  Thanks

  • inkscape is a free alternative to illustrator and is available at inkscape.org

    (be aware that it requires quite a bit of study and experimentation to become familiar with most graphics programs. There are tutorials available on youtube and at inkscape.org)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Denise,

    The understand_customer file is very low resolution and will not draw very well - do you have a higher resolution image?

    With the breakdown_silos I took it into inkscape and did a 'trace bitmap' to create paths within the svg and it draws within VideoScribe. However, it probably doesn't quite draw in the order that you would want and the best way to create svg's is to do it manually - you then have full control over how it is drawn but it can take some time.

    I have attached the svg so that you can see how it draws.

    This link explains a bit more about svg's in VideoScribe Create your own svg's


  • Wow - Thanks!

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