Cannot Render video

  • am trying to make my scribe a 720p wmv file but it keeps getting stuck at "few seconds remaining" when i try to save it.

    please help ASAP i ned to present this!

  • Hi,
    Most crashes result from images that are improperly optimized for videoscribe, or bad camera settings (zooming). This thread discusses some of the common DOs and DON'Ts:

    The most apparent problem in your scribe is that some of your camera settings use a zoom (magnification) of more than 2000% which uses more system resources than  a normal 100% zoom. The solution is to start with your first element, select it, change the zoom to something in approximately the 50%-200% range, click "set camera" (the icon of the movie camera with a check mark on it) and then scale your element to the size you want it. (repeat for all other elements)

    also some of your SVGs seem to have large file sizes and may contain extra data that is causing problems. Are they all Sparkol library SVGs are are some of them

    (like the hut and the motorcycle) from other sources ?  If you fix the zoom problems you may not have to fix the SVGs, but I'm not sure.

    To avoid zoom problems when making a new scribe, (zoom starts at 100% by default)  IMMEDIATELY click the SET CAMERA icon after each element is imported.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Josh,

    Could you let me know which publishing options you used?



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