Looking for a Videoscribe "trainer" in France

  • Hi, 

    I'm planning a session where a small team of Finance trainers (10 people) would simultaneously work on a short Videoscribe.

    The session would go like this : 

    1. Demo of VideoScribe (10 min)

    2. Brainstom : what would you like to scribe ? (15 min) Only trainers in the team, so should have no pb in finding a topic.

    3. Do it  ! (1 hour)

    4. Share it ! (15 min)

    Obviously, to facilitate such a workshop, I need someone who knows Videoscribe well, and with facilitation skills...

    The session is to run on July 10, near Paris. 

    Please contact Christophe.Marion@finharmony.com

  • Hi Chrisotphe,

    Sounds interesting, but are you looking for someone already in Paris? Will this be a paid program? Am curious about the details and thanks for your time.

  • Hi Benny,

    Yes, it is paid, of course (as we say in France : "tout travail mérite salaire").
    I am not definite about the facilitator already being in Paris, although that would probably be cheaper.
    I am happy to discuss directly. This is my phone number, although I'm not in the office today.

    Kind regards,


  • Perfect, sent you a email about it and than ks for your time :)

  • moved to 'questions and answers' - i hope you don't mind.

    also, try here: https://my.sparkol.com/marketplace/illustrator

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