Need to start over

  • Hi  iam  a new user and started a scribe in the previous version. I've since upgraded to 2.0. between my mistakes and the jump ot 2.0 I really need to start over. Regardless of how many times I clear and reset the camera position, I don't get what I want/need. 


    So my question is this.  How do I reuse all of the text that I have laboriously typed already?  Obviously i can re-import the images, but I'd rather not retype all of hte text again if I don't have to.

  • Hi,
    you don't have to start over or delete anything.

    1) adjust the camera to where you want it for the very first element (I recommend always keeping your zoom level between approximately 50% and 500% if possible)
    2) click the very first element in the thumbnail tray one time to select it
    3) click "set camera" button (in version 1.3.26: click the camera icon and then the blue "set camera" button / in V2.0 click  the videocamera icon with a checkmark on it)
    4) scale or reposition your first element on the canvas if desired.
    5) repeat those steps for every other element in your scribe including text elements

    It is important to note that you can set your camera position first and then move or resize your elements where you want them, rather than just adding your elements and letting the camera go wandering around where it wants to.

    In fact, when making a new scribe it is probably always preferable to click "set camera" immediately after importing each object and then move and resize your element and reposition the camera if needed and "set camera" again if needed. That process can help you prevent unwanted zooming and panning that can potentially get out of hand and even cause crashes

    hope that makes sense,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I've cleared and reset the camera positions so many times already in both versions. Also I think there needs to be a warning.  Don't use this tool with a laptop with a tracepad.  If my hand moves slightly over the tracepad, even barely, it creates a movement on the page (that I don't want).. 

  • Sorry to hear that.

    If you are not getting what you want then you may be confused about one of the following:

    1) how to move the camera without moving elements
    2) how to zoom in or out with the camera
    3) how to set the camera for a specific element
    4) how to move elements without moving  the camera
    5) how to scale elements without zooming in or out with the camera

    I re-edited my previous post above with a few clarifications that may help. You may be missing a step or doing a step wrong, but I can't tell based on the information you provided.

    (you don't have to clear the camera, you just move the camera to where you want it, select the element with one click and then click the "set camera" button to save the new camera position for that element. then you can move or fine tune the position for that element if you wish.)

    I hope you will plug a mouse into that laptop. a trackpad is inadequate for this type of work. and your fingers deserve some mouse time!


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