Regarding Uprade to Version 2

  • Please verify the following; here is what I found:

    "Will I lose my existing projects if I upgrade?

    No, all your saved projects will still be available if you decide to upgrade to version 2.0. However, once you upgrade from version 1.3.26/1.4 to version 2.0, your projects may no longer be compatible with previous versions. Please ensure you have saved your projects before upgrading."

    The Good: If this means that a project created in 2.0 will not work if I revert back to Version 1, I can understand that.

    The Bad:Does this mean that if I open a .scribe in 2.0 that was created in Version 1, it may not be compatible??

    I often have to open and re-edit prior scribes. Is 2.0 backwards compatible?

    I look forward to your response.

  •  I want to pass on my experience. Hopefully it will help you.

    1. I had a scribe about a  month old I created using 1.3.26

    2. I used 2.0 and was able to open it, edit and render the scribe with no problem.

    3. However, once I saved the 1.3.26 scribe using 2.0, I could not use 1.3.26 to edit the scribe. In other words any scribe saved using 2.0 can not be open with 1.3.26. However, any scribe created with 1.3.26 can be open with 2.0.

    Here is the lesson learn. There are a few things that either are not working properly in 2.0 or I'm doing something wrong. I made a backup of all of my 1.3.26 files in case I have a problem with 2.0, If a problem,  I can use my backups and edit them with 1.3.26.

  • Extremely Helpful Dan! Can you have both versions on the same computer?

  • Hi Russ,

    Sorry but no, you can only have one version on a particular computer.



  • If I upload the 2.01 version can I still use my 2.0 version scribes, change, edit, render and upload or do I have to start over as I have did this simple upgrade to maybe clear up some new bugs- sent in a ticket in regards to this new bug.

  • Everything created in older versions can be opened in the latest version.

    That's a principle we have no plans to change :)

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