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  •  I just upgraded from V1 t0 V2 and now I'm completely confused. When I hover over an icon it doesn't tell me what's it for. I recognize most of the incons but some are changed. Is there some comprehensive user manual to guide me through the changes?

  • Hi Dan,
    There is no popup help in Version 2.0, however in previous threads about that topic, support has said that they will be bringing back  the popup help labels.

    Also, all filenames are no longer listed when importing images. Hopefully that will be brought back too

    There are also a few reported bugs with 2.0 including:
    1) if you use a morph with a draw time of zero, your scribe will not finish rendering
    2) on mac, music soundtracks may not work properly in the rendered video
    3) when click dragging elements in the thumbnail tray some users have had difficulty releasing the elements back into the tray.

     -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you for your help.

    I'm also having trouble morphing. On went onto your website for help with moving an image from one side of the canvas to the other. This was posted on 9 June 2014. The steps in your video says to do the following;

    1. Place an image on the canvas
    2. Duplicate the image by selecting it in the timeline, then clicking the "Copy" (two pages) and "Paste" Clipboard icons.
    3. Place the second image where you would like to morphing image to finish.
    4 Open "Image Properties" for the first image by selecting it in the timeline  and clicking the the page icon. Change the the image from Full Colour" to "Outline".
    5. Open "Image Properties" for the second Image and change the animation effect from "Draw" to "Morph". Choose the first image from the options given under "Morph From". Uncheck the "Clear Item" box to ensure the first image i not left behind.
    6. Adjust the animation time and select the tick to finish.

    I've done this several time following the directions exactly but the first image reappears after the image was morphed. How do I eliminate the first image after the second image morphs?

    Thanks for you help


  • Hi Dan
    (I'm just a videoscribe user)

    1) in step five of your last comment, you should CHECK (not UNcheck) the "clear item" checkbox.
    2) if your scribe zooms out at the end to show all elements, removed elements will reappear ain the final zoom-at-end. You can disable the zoom at end by unchecking "zoom at end" while playing your preview mode of your scribe.
    3) after the preview mode playback of your scribe finishes, videoscribe automatically returns you to the work view of your scribe. By default, all elements will be visible in work view.

    but if you follow steps one and two, your "cleared" element should stay "cleared" in the rendered video.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • How do I remove the videoscribe logo?  I have the pro edition.  

  • 1) Once your pro membership becomes active, the logo will not appear in new scribes. (Paypal sometimes takes several hours to process the initial recurring payment required to activate your pro status.)
    2) You will need to re-render your older scribes to remove the logo. If the logo still appears, the most certain way to get rid of the logo in older scribes is to open the scribe, save a new copy of the scribe with a new name (in version 1.3.26 use "save as a NEW copy and close"), then open the new version and render it.

    (This assumes that your account has been successfully upgraded to pro and the payment is not still "pending", "declined", or "applied to another account")

    3) in version 2.0 for pro users the videoscribe logo appears in the lower right corner of the canvas when you are working but not in the rendered video.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi,

    I have the pro version 2 on Mac.

    And I can't get rid of the watermark. 

    Any suggestions? 

  • Mike, thank you for your suggestions and help.  I tried all of the above with no luck.  I even uninstalled and reinstalled the software, deleted history, cookies and such.  Nothing worked.  This is a Sparkol software problem that I hope they can resolve pretty quick.  The curious thing is, a few days ago, it was working fine and not loading their logo.  I have sent them an email and hopefully they will follow up in due time as I have a project I need to complete.  

  • Are you are only seeing the logo on the work space? It is ALWAYS there in version 2.0 but should not appear in your rendered video if you are a pro user. I have edited my previous post to mention that.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I get the logo when its rendered too. I tried it on my ipad too and it works fine. I'll use my ipad until I can get a fix on the desktop version. Thank you for your help and I appreciate any other information if you hear anything different. --Felicia
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