Full Library Doesn't Mean SVGStudio.com

  • Sorry to carry on but this is a big issue for me. It seems to me that "full library" doesn't mean everything on SVGStudio? Is that true? I was given the impression (and it maybe my fault) that the new version included the whole library. That is what attracted me to even think about this VideoScribe. There are two new products on the market, I think one is called SketchPro.. and you can buy it outright and get 500 new svg images a month for $17 (1, 500 if you call the same image as outline, half colour and full colour) and they are very decent collections. 

    Maybe it is simple and I just haven't learned how to access the library called fitness in SVGStudio as part of my package as there is something like a $24 charge?

    If this is not true then I made a mistake. I have to think about whether £18 a month is too much... The library that I can see is not good enough for my purposes. In fact I have not been able to find one picture that I could use so far. I have my own paid for libraries. So that means I am paying £216 a year for one program... and then I haven't even purchased it outright? I am not sure how many images you add to your library each month..

    Sorry I really don't want to be a pain. But if I was quiet and just moved on you would never know. I am sorry about my bluntness...

  • Hi,

    The videoscribe library includes all images installed with videoscribe. I think it is about 2500 SVGs with more added occasionally. In the previous version, the library was divided into basic library images (about 1000) and pro library images (about 1500) but now all 2500 images are available to free trial users as well as pro users.

    SVGSTUDIO.com is a separate collection of images (currently over 3000 according to the svgstudio website) that can be purchased. It is not a part of the videoscribe library.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks for your reply.

    I don't think I have purchased the "entire svg collection" My problem is more that I purchased videoscribe thinking that I had access to the whole of svgstudio library but now it is becoming clear that this is not the case. So I may want one image from a collection and have to pay at least $24 for the privilege. I hope you can see my perspective on this..

    A great service and product is being offered but the pricing doesn't fit this customer - i.e. me lol :) I think that is a shame for all of us.. you want as much money as you can get and I can only pay what it is worth to me. Looks like we both lose.



  • (I'm just a videoscribe user so I'm not trying to get any of your money)

     Is there any wording on videoscribe's website that indicates you would get free access to all the images on the other website? I think they are both owned by sparkol, but it looks like videoscribe uses the word "library" and SVGstudio uses the word "collection" (and is located on an entirely different website) to avoid that sort of misunderstanding.

    If there is some misleading wording somewhere, I suspect they would be willing to change it.

    A google search for SVGs or a visit to openclipart.org may provide you with more images  and you can use png and JPG images or make your own SVGs if the problem is that you want more images.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Mike

    I didn't mean to be rude in anyway and really appreciate your comments. I seem to misread many things - possibly because I look at detail and don't read it properly...

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