1.3.26 v.s. 2.0

  •  I was wondering if everyone is sticking with 2.0 or are they going back to 1.3.26.

    I appreciate Fiverr providing a 2.0 bug list and some suggested work arounds, but for whatever reason, 2.0 seems to drag (slow) when your scribe gets over the 2 minute mark.

    I did make backups of all my 1.3.26 scribes so going back to 1.3.26 I can still edit scribes.

    So I guess the purpose of my post is to get an idea  from other members if they are sticking with 2.0 or are they going back to 1.3.26?

    If you decided to go back, may i ask why?


  • I still use version 1.3.26. I currently only use 2.0 if I am trying to help other people troubleshoot problems.

    There are some user interface changes and removed features in 2.0, apparently unrelated to the improvements and bug fixes, that make 2.0 less user friendly than the previous version in my opinion.

    The return of the popup help tags will help.



  • Hello guys :)

    I am working with 2.0 and have just been dealing with it! However, I have also been experimenting with Easy Sketch Pro and think that it is a real gem. I will see how both evolve until my 1 year is finished with Sparkol and then will decide which is best for my purposes at that time. Easy Sketch Pro is very intuitive even though it is not as refined as Sparkol, but the work flow in it is very effective. That's my 2 cents and have a great day!


  • I haven't been using Sparkol long, also just changed my computer, when I login into Sparkol I got the latest version, which I assume is version 2.0.

    How can I go back to use the older version?

  • Yes I had to go back to Version 1.4

    Reason = the permanent logo in the bottom right corner. I use Camtasia screen recorder to 'record' the scribe while it's playing in the preview mode. So I did not want the logo in the video.

    There's lot's of people moaning about it in other threads. Hopefully Sparkol will get rid of it.

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