View Camera Functionality in Version 2

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    I recently upgraded to version 2 and I found the "view camera" functionality very helpful.  However, I cannot figure out how to do this in version 2.  This functionality helps me to identify where I have things placed within the scribe without having to play the scribe over and over again.

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  • Hi ,

    Clicking the thumbnail (for any element in the thumbnail tray /timeline)  will select it. Clicking the thumbnail again will move the camera to the set position for that element.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Is there a guide / reference for what the new icons represent to avoid inadvertently changing my scribe? The tools icons and features are changed, but not labeled and some of the images have multiple meanings (e.g., camera with check mark - camera view? or camera view set?). 

    As much as I love VideoScribe, I will admit that I'm disappointed there isn't a more clear notice, introduction, training, guide or info about the new release and changes.  Perhaps with the next release it can be positioned as a "Beta" - so paying subscribers can use at their own risk until all is thoroughly tested and validated.


  • The tutorials and the link for the full training manual on this page may help:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi there,

    We have recently created a Worksheet for VideoScribe which you can download from the Tutorials page.

    Thanks, Joe

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