Sequence Option - Cell Timing Assumptions

  • I was wondering what FPS timing is assumed for each PNG or JPG when publishing to a sequence.  Thanks!

    I'm very happy that this option is available since it allows for very precise timing when using the output as overlays in video editing.  But, knowing the default timing is critical.

  • Hi Tom, the default FPS is 25 this will be in all rendering options.

    Best wishes, Joe

  • That's easy enough to remember and calculate.  Thanks.


  •  OK what am I doing wrong?

    I save a 2 second animation which is 85 frames but when I go to play it I get like each frame is five seconds long.

    The entire 2 second sequence winds up being like 6-7 minutes long!

  • Hi,
    If you are importing a series of images into another program. Change the settings in that program to 25FPS (.04 seconds per image)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hmmmmmmmm  .....  

    I'm using Wondershare video editor but I can't see any way to adjust the FPS rate?


  • I'm not familiar with Wondershare, so I can't be much help there.  But, Sony Movie Studio Platinum definitely would allow you to bring in the images at the time length you need.  The default length set BEFORE importing the images.

    Perhaps Wondershare has a "preference" that sets the default length of imported stills.


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