Creating a custom image that gets colored in with Inkscape.

  • Hello, I am using Inkscape as my editor.  I am trying to use a friends logo that is color.  I would like to be able to draw the image and color it in smoothly.  Right now, I can draw the image but at the end it snap to a full image.  Nothing smooth about it.  I would like to know how to do this smoothly.

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  • Hi Justin, 

    We have an article on our Instant Answers page which will assist you doing this:

    Thanks, Joe

  • Thank you Joe.  I am still having a problem with the image.  If you look here at 20 seconds the image leaves he outline and pops instantly to all black and white before coloring.  Is there a way to JUST have a outline?  I used Inkscape and am a newbie.  I have traced the bitmap to get the black and white version.

  • Hi Justin

    I may be wrong but it looks as though you have made the outline in inkscape using a blank and white image and then overlaid that with an imported colour jpg?

    I would

    -import the jpg to inkscape

    -use the pencil to plot lines on the image: drawing the image as opposed to drawing around it.

    -make these simple (or 'basic') strokes no effect.

    -change the thickness of the lines to reflect the thickness of the part of the image you are 'drawing'

    -include 'scribbles' over larger coloured areas until you can no longer see your image 

    -Make the new lines transparent (opacity=0)

    -save the project as an SVG, ensuring the original image is 'embedded' and not 'linked'

    I took a couple of minutes to start you off: I bet you can do a much better job but this will show you what I mean.

    I hope that helps

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