VS Crashes when saving

  •  I really need some assistance here, i have a sribe with a deadline and all of a sudden boom, every time i try and save it manually it says not responding and crashes. I can not figure it out, anyone with a similar experience?

  • Hi Dylan

    What device are you on?

    It may be something running out of memory..

  • Also, there might be some tips in the following thread that will help you avoid crashes: Videoscribe freezes or crashes (opening, playing, working, saving or rendering)

    more than anything else, try to keep your images between about 0 and 250 KB (or at least keep them under 1 MB) and keep your zoom levels between about 50% and 500%, and don't use morphs with zero second duration.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Its a lenovo laptop with windows 7 Ultimate. 2 gig ram celeron dual core 2.10ghz. Its old :(... i have down sized my images and adjusted the zooms and it still bombs occasionally. I have already tried to upload the file online and downloaded it to see if it was a bum image but it was fine. I think my laptop may just be struggling.


  • I think that computer should be fine unless it has other problems like overheating or hard drive damage or insufficient free disk space.

    You can save your scribe online and tell support the name of it if you want them to have a look.
    You can also export and attach a copy of your scribe file here if you want other members to have a look and make suggestions.

    (also make sure your internet connection is as stable as possible if you think you are just losing connection)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • It sounds like you've made some improvements.

    Just to add to MIke's comments: The important thing about your hardware, as it relates to this present issue, is the amount of internal memory that you have available while you're using VideoScribe.  You can run Task Manager to see what it's using and what you have left..

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