2.0.1 memory using on mac

  • i don't know if its just me but when i render a video on my mac laptop my memory usage will max .... and my computer gets very hot ... it never did that before with the older versions .. thanks 

  • Hi,
    In another thread, Ian mentioned
    "Can you try saving your work and restarting? We have a problem in 2.0.1 (being fixed for the next release due very soon) with memory not correctly being freed up as you work. Restarting the program will allow the memory to free up."

    Maybe that is the symptom you are seeing.

    Ian, can we get that added to the known bugs list?

    -Mike(videoscribe user)

  • as a customer for almost a year i have seen many updates saying that they fixed bugs and when it comes time for people to use it  there are a whole set of new ones and then its gets pulled .... there are  new things with 2.0 that i like. but there are some major problems that are affecting the system now ... one big thing is i make a lot of my own SVG files ( from adobe illustrator )  and now its runs SO SLOW  when i work on the edit view and when i render the video ...i can list a whole long list of common problems that i run in to but i don't have time .. i know i went a little off topic but i have been having to explain to my boss on why i have to take more time because of problems with the system this  is something that I'm sure yall can understand and don't want to have happen, but its affecting real deadlines ( for me i won't speak about other users) .... i don't want to sound negative i really hope that there are and look forward to new improvements i try to make as many suggestions as i can when i see something that can be improved or ideas that would maybe work well  .. i will step down from my soap box, thanks .. best regards 

  • Hi Joe,

    If you would like to speed up rendering then I would suggest rendering to a mov file as that is the quickest file format for rendering.

    I am not aware of any problems with performance in the edit view - perhaps you could explain more?

    We are currently working on improvements to the rendering



  • I'm more or less experiencing the same issues as Joe. 

    Most noticable is the slow respons when in edit mode. Especially the preview is not in real time, or maybe it is realtime, but the drawing on screen is very sluggish and skips big parts of the drawings and text. This way it is very hard to tell if you need to optimise certain parts of the scribe.

    The only way to get a really good impression of your work so far, is rendering a MOV file. But this takes a lot of time and is not very intuitive.

  • Hi Toon,

    In the preview VideoScribe will attempt to draw things in the same way as in the video. If your computer has not got a fast enough processor or enough memory or you are running lots of other software then it will look a bit sluggish but once rendered to a video it will be fine which is what you are describing.

    What is the specification of your computer?



  • I'm running a i7 processor with 16GB RAM with a 1GB NVIDIA GP ... 

    some of my videos are over 4 min and i made some of my own SVG files ... it now it takes a few seconds just to move around the screen ...  i export my videos as .mov and 360 web/mobile and my memory max out when i render the videos, it takes a long time more then before and I'm worried my computer is going to overheat ... 

  • Ho Joe,

    I would like to replicate your problem here.

    If you could save your scribe online and let us know the name we can investigate further



  • i have the video saved online under test. this video is one that i have the problem with .. it has both my own SVG files that i made and some of the objects on scribe ... i make videos like this for many companies and now it takes so long to download it and it makes my computer so hot .. i have not had this problem before ... i down load videos at 360 web setting as a .mov  ... thanks for the help ... i hope this problem can be fixed soon 

  • Hi Joe,

    I have had a look at your scribe and this is what I found.

    There are a lot of big images in your scribe which is using up a lot of memory and slowing VideoScribe down and/or causing VideoScribe to crash. Any svg over 200kb in size is a big image and there are lots of them in this scribe. I cannot see the original images but some look like svg's and some look like jpg's.

    What we would recommend is that you resize any image that is over 200k - you can right click on the image on the canvas and 'Export to svg' to see the filesize.

    For bitmap images (jpg,png) we would recommend something like osx image resizer.

    For svg images we have had some success with svg cleaner although you might need to edit the svg after it has resized it if it doesn't draw very well.

    Also in your scribe there are several elements that when you click on them in the timeline display as a blue thumbnail which indicates that there is some corruption in that image so you might want to import those images again.


  • will this be something that will be fixed ... this video had both my own SVG and some of the clipart provided ... but as time will go on and i develop my videos, all of my videos will be made with my own SVG's ..  

    is there an explanation on the elements that were corrupted (why that happens?)... i never had any of this problem before ... and will this problem be fixed too ... thanks  

  • Hi Joe,

    You could add a post in our ideas and feature requests if you wanted VideoScribe to automatically resize big images as they are imported for example. That would mean that you didn't get this issue again and sounds like a great idea.

    The corrupted elements is something that I have seen before but only very rarely and as they are corrupted I cannot tell what they are supposed to be. It may be that it was related to the large amount of memory being used with all of those images.



  • is there any timeline or anywhere i can find when the next update will be rolled out ... or status ?

  • Hi Joe,

    There is no specific timeline we can give you. 

    I can advise we are currently doing initial testing of it and we hope to get it out to the Beta testing group within the next few days.

    If you would like to you can register your interest as a Beta tester if you would like to get hold of the next version earlier?

    Please let me know if you would like to do this and I can send you the relevant information.

    Thanks, Joe

  • ok sounds good .. i wish i could do beta testing but i just don't have the time ...  i need a stable platform to work on ... I'm struggling with going back to 1.3.26 because it at least worked ... but i have already changed my videos that i made to the current version and i read i can't go back if i already made new videos ( i can but i have to re-make them back ) ...  if there would be a way we  can get  results of the testing to let everyone know if they should download the update  ........  i will just speak for myself i use it every day for my job and i hate going to my boss and tell him i will be late on something and i can't get something done because i need to troubleshoot and search for answers to fix something ect... ect .... ect ... I'm not saying anything new

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