Bug: Text loses size after saving & retrieving (Images do not)

  • Issue: In retrieving saved .scribe, the text is sometimes smaller than designed.

    Version: 2.0.1

    Platform:  Win7


    I created a scribe and saved it.  Then sgut the computer down.  The next morning, after turning on the computer, that scribe was retrieved.  Text items were smaller than originally designed.  It appears that all were reduced by the same relative factor.

    I don't think it had to do with the slide area having been made bigger because the objects seemed to be the designed size.

  • Hi Tom,

    Sorry that you have had this problem.

    We are aware of this issue in version 2.0.1, this happens every time that you open your scribe in this version.

    This will be fixed in version 2.0.2 which we are currently testing.



  • Thanks.  :)

    I'm looking forward to the next revision.  Even with issues like this, I am VERY pleased to be able to deliver better content for the Youth ChalleNGe cadets that I teach through Sparkol.  :)


  • Any update on this issue? This is costing me quite a bit of time as we are trying to wrap up a video and everytime I edit it, I have to adjust about 15 different text elements throughout the video.

  • Hi Pete,

    2.0.2 is still undergoing testing, but we are hoping to release it in the next week or two. We are very close to being able to get it out to beta testers, so if you are interested in testing the new patch please let us know.

  • Yes I would definitely be interested in Beta Testing. 

  • Hi peter,

    great, you just need to email beta@sparkol.com with your request and system details (PC specifications) and we should get back to you by the end of the day.

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