File no longer appearing in archive

  • We created a scribe over a year ago and it is no longer appearing in the archive with the others we created. Is there a way to retrieve the file?

  • Hi Susan,

    Sorry that you cannot find your scribe.

    VideoScribe never deletes any scribes unless you ask it to. 

    Did you save your scribe online or locally? If it was locally then could it have been on several different computers? Can you still see all of your other scribes?


  • Hi Andy,

    It was locally, only done on one of Mac computers. We can still see all of the other scribes we created.

  • Hi Susan,

    Like I said VideoScribe never deletes a scribe so maybe somebody deleted it by accident? If it is not there then we have no way of retrieving it.

    Sorry that we cannot be more helpful.

    For the future you could look at exporting scribes to .scribe files as a backup mechanism.



  • Thank you for your help Andy. We will look into that. Thanks again.

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