Object Positioning Problem

  • I am having a problem where the objects that I use from the VideoScribe database in my project do not stay where I place them. Let me explain:

    I will work on a project in VideoScribe, and get my text and objects timed and positioned where I want them. If I save the project and close, the next time I open that project some of my objects are moved from where I put them and not aligned like they should have been.

    This is quite frustrating as I have to go through and fix the positioning for all of these objects. How can I fix this? Note: I am using the latest version of the VideoScribe software which came out just recently.


  • Hi Tobias,

    Sorry that you are having this issue and I appreciate it can be frustrating.

    We are aware of this problem in version 2.0.1 and we are currently testing version 2.0.2 which fixes this and fixes some other issues as well. This version will be released soon although I cannot give you a date at the moment but it will be in days or weeks not months.

    The issue is whenever you open a scribe the text elements are slightly smaller and the alignment will be slightly different. This is particularly noticeable if you open and save a scribe several times.

    If you can live with it for the time being version 2.0.2 is not far away.


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