Background music not playing after a save

  • Hi - I have not rendered my video yet...I'm still working on it but when I save it and then go back the next day to do further edits, the background music is gone. Any suggestions? Will this be problem after I render it and publish to YouTube? 

    With thanks from a  poor struggling student just trying to get a project done! I can't have the finished product missing these types of elements...I'm looking for that A grade!!!

  • Hi Sean,

    I am converting this into a support question and we will be in contact soon


  • Hello, it happened to me as well,

    which is the solution?



  • Hi Gloria, sorry you have this issue.

    If you can save rename the scribe and then restart VideoScribe, are you still having an issue with the new file name?

    If you are, please can you raise a support question and we can look into this for you.