SVG Memory Issue

  • I created an SVG image on AI by taking a vector image and laying over a transparency with the pen tool.  It wasn't as neat as I'd like it to be so I redid the image with pen tool again and saved it with a different name.  When I upload the new image VideoScribe somehow wants to keep drawing the older image...even though I've deleted the old .svg file from it's folder on my computer as well as Sparkol's history.  

    Any ideas as to why VideoScribe keeps wanting to draw an old .svg file instead of a new one?

  • Hi Andy,

    If you have completely deleted the old file and are only selecting the new image this issue should not happen.

    I can only imagine that the paths of the old image are still on the SVG file itself.

    If you want to attach it here so we can take a look at it we can.

    If you prefer you can raise a ticket and send it to us Privately.

    Here is the link if you wish to raise a ticket -

    Thanks, Joe

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