Pause on zoom at end

  • Is there any way I can pause on the zoom out at the end of the scribe, and allow the video and voice-over to carry on for a few seconds in that view, before both are abruptly cut off?

  • Hi,

    1) Disable the zoom-at-end feature (because you will be replicating it manually)
    2) Add one last element to the end of your scribe (might as well choose something with a small file size)
    3) Place it far enough away from the other elements that it will not be seen in the final zoom out (OR change the opacity to zero)
    4) AND change the drawing time to zero for the new element
    5) Zoom the camera out manually (plus and minus buttons in the lower left of the canvas) to where you want it (to show all of the remaining elements)
    6) and set that position as the camera position for the new element. (select the newest element and click the "set camera" button)
    7) Add as many pauses to the new element to add as much extra time as you want.
    8) the transition time of the previous element will determine how fast the camera moves to this new zoomed out position. you can adjust that if desired.

    That should do it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • What a great workaround, Mike!  This worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip!

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