Items out of order on timeline yet show up in order in video - What is going on?

  • This is getting difficult to deal with. Not only can I not move items up and down the timeline, I find now that in trying to make the final push to completion that the timeline is out of order and yet the video plays okay. You might ask why this is an issue? I have been asked to rearrange the way it plays and now I no confidence in the ability to edit.

    We were depending on this concept to launch a new training company. Not sure that I am willing to trust a future in this. You seem to have gone backwards.

  • Hi Bart, sorry you have this problem.

    I see you have created a ticket for this issue also and my colleague has request further information and will reply via the ticket.

    If you see this first then please check your ticket and provide the following information which will help the investigation.

    Can you advise what steps you take when this issue occurs?

    Does it happen every time you attempt to do this?

    Does it happen if you reboot VideoScribe and retry?

    Does if affect a particular scribe or can you replicate it on other scribes?

    Are you able to save a copy of the Scribe to your online directory and let us know the name of it so we can take a look?

    Are you able to send in a screen cast so we can see exactly what is happening?

    Apologies you have this issue, I'm sure if we can get further details from you we will be able to provide a solution.

    Thanks, Joe

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