You Have Conflicting Workarounds for Text Shrinkage and Object Movement on Timeline

  • Text changing position and resizing when re-opening the Scribe

    Here are the solutions you posted:

    Version 2.0.1: Text and images may look misaligned when a previously saved scribe is opened, compared to the alignment before it was saved. This is because the text box slightly shrinks when the scribe is opened.
    Workaround: Set the desired alignment and then publish your scribe without closing and re-opening.

    Difficulty using the timeline – random results when performing specific tasks
    This problem is related to memory and primarily affects large scribe projects or scribes with a lot of large image imports.
    Workaround: Save your project, close VideoScribe down and restart it which will clear the memory and allow you to continue working.

    Aren't these in conflict? AND I do not believe the timeline issue is memory related.  I have 67% of 16GB of RAM available.

    It's gotten to the point that when I add any new elements, including simple text, I have to save and close the Scribe then re-open it to even find the element on the timeline.

  • Hi Bart, thanks for your question.

    The issues you mention are not conflicting as they relate to two different issues.

    I believe that you have already raised a ticket relating to your specific issue.

    If you can check that ticket which has been recently updated we will be able to investigate your particular problem further.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Joe;

    Please re-read my statement - when you have both issues
    1) Misalignment of text, therefore DO NOT save, close, re-open.
    2) Random acts on the timeline therefore DO SAVE, close and re-open

    Then yes, they are definitely linked.


  • Hi Bart,

    Just to clarify.

    1. We advise you to set the text alignment/size you want and publish before saving.

    2. If you need to save and close your scribe as you have the issue with the timeline, when you open it again, follow steps above.

    Thanks, Joe

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