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  •  Can anyone tell me what happened to line height controls? They are real impoetant

  • Hi David,

    Version 2 of VideoScribe uses a completely new way to import fonts.

    Essentially VideoScribe scans all the characters in a font so it enables VideoScribe to produce 

    higher resolution and more accurate font styles and characters.

    Therefore the old editing options in version 1.3 are no longer applicable for fonts in version 2.

    There are no current plans to add anymore font editing options. If you would like to see this option, you can raise it as an idea or feature request

    and if it proves a popular request, our development team will consider introducing it again if it is feasible to do so.

    Thanks, Joe

  • appreciate your quick reply but find it confusing that quality on fonts representation should cause the removal of a code function that was already available. With the removal of global control over leading, line height and other functions of text it increases the time needed for production by having to create each line of text as a separate event



    another question is when I use different fonts line height changes with each font first attachment is accidental presidency second is garamond see the difference?

    (40.4 KB)
  • Hi David, thanks for your replies.

    VideoScribe imports fonts in a completely new way than the previous version (this is not just about quality it is a completely new system). So the options that were associated with the old system are not applicable in the new system. A basic analogy would be transitioning from a manual car to an automatic car. Although they both Drive, you do not need the clutch pedal in an automatic and the gear stick also has different modes.

    If you would like to see this feature back again, please post the request in the ideas and feature request section and if they are deemed popular, the feature will be considered.

    On your second post, I can see the difference between the fonts.

    This will be the case as each individual character of the font is scanned in it depends on the font and how they are created.

    I chose a random font called Bookman old style and compared it with Arial as per the screenshots.

    As you can see, there is not a lot of difference between the two in this example so it is really dependent on the font you use.

    Thanks, Joe


    (39.6 KB)
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