Drawing images in time to a voiceover

  •  Hello,

    I am creating a video, and I want to start with the audio only. Is there a way to start drawing at a certain specified time- say, six seconds into the voiceover - so that VideoScribe can begin drawing at the appropriate moment based on what I am saying? How do I specify an amount of time where the screen will be a blank page with the only the voiceover?

  • You can:
    1) add any extra image or a text element (might as well choose something with a small file size),
    2) place it off to the side of the canvas somewhere and then
    3) set the camera position for that element to an empty part of the canvas.
    4) Set the drawing time for that element for as long as you want the screen to remain blank.
    5) set the drawing hand to "no hand" just to make sure you don't see the edge of the hand peeking into the visible canvas area.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Great answer Mike.

    You could also:

    1. add any library image

    2. reduce the animate time to 0.0

    3. Set the camera on this image

    4. Enter images properties

    5. set the solidity from 100% to 0%

    6. Increase Pause time to the amount of time you want the audio before you start adding images to your scribe

    Thanks, Joe


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