Can I use Sparkol-music for the video intro/outtro too?

  • Hallo Sparkol,

    I'm planning to make a Video with my licenced VideoScribe but will have parts of the whole video produced with other tools (WMV out of PPT, Camtasia Screen Recording etc) and all the parts to be assembled with Camtasia Studio.

    May I use VideoScribe-music for the whole video or only for those segments made with VideoScribe?

    Regards, Guenter 

  • Hi Guenter,

    A very good question!

    The Sparkol music is licenced to be used with Sparkol products only.
    If for example you produced a VideoScribe Video with a Sparkol track and you're editing Video in other tools, then it is fine bearing in mind that the music can only be exported as part of that Scribe file. We would consider this type of production a video produced with VideoScribe.

    If you wanted to use the music for any other project that does not include a Sparkol product e.g. VideoScribe, then you are not licenced to use the music.

    I this answers your question without too much ambiguity. 


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