• I downloaded the free trial 2 days ago , and now when I try to open the program, I get a message saying:"You can only use the free trial once and have to upgrade to Pro."  

    Or a message saying "You are already logged in on another machine."

    The free trial is only 2 days old, and I am sure as hell not "logged in on another machine," whatever the hell that means.  It's only installed on the one computer.

    Is this indicative of how crappy the program is?  I can't even use the freaking free trial?  Imagine if I had a project with a deadline and I can't even open the damned program.

    Major suckage.

    And the help section of this website is horrid beyond belief.  Instead of indexing topics or having a freaking manual, you have to search and hope your search terms land on something useful.  Which obviously they haven't since I'm posting this.  All the posts with the same problem as mine do NOT supply the answer.  And the staff doesn't even bother to reply to them.

    I am NOT impressed with this program.  If the program is as bad as this web page and the crappy tutorials (which seem to have been recorded by people who were awoken mid-nap and plopped in front of a web cam), then I will never use it.

    But I'd still like to try -- IF IT WILL LET ME.

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  • Hi David, sorry about your frustration.

    I'm not sure on the cause but I do understand you have raised a support ticket about this as well and my colleague has recently replied to you.

    Can you please check the email response from the ticket to issue if their suggestion has resolved your issue?

    Thanks, Joe

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