Shift Key On Timeline

  • The ctrl key works on the canvas to choose multiple items. And it works on the timeline. But it is really difficult that the shift key does not work on the timeline to select multiple items at once. Think about it. You're working on a single page of items. There is no way to highlight them all to choose a zoom level. If you try shift on the timeline, it's strange, once in a while it works... but usually it selects ALL the items on the timeline. It should select the beginning range, and then the end range when you hold shift and click the end range. This should also be done by highlighting the items, but there is no way to highlight. Ctrl-A should be available to select what is just currently being seen on screen perhaps. Is there a way to do some of this that I am missing?

  • Hi Derek,

    The way that the shift key works in the timeline is this...

    Click on the first element in the range then hold down shift and click on the last element in the range and all the elements in the range will be selected.

    Ctrl A selects everything but you could add a feature request in our Ideas and Feature Request section for a shortcut to select everything currently visible.



  • I fully understand it is supposed to work this way. There is a large bug on the timeline selection process. I have seen others posting about irregular behavior on the timeline. When I click one item on the timeline hold the shift key and click the last item, it works about 20% of the time. Most of the time it selects the whole timeline.

  • So essentially it's a constant thing that needs to be done and a massive time waster that I can't highlight it all with selecting it all with the mouse, or having to hold the control key and clicking every item. Hours are wasted since this feature does not work.

  • Hi Derek,

    Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. In the current version the time line can be a little temperamental. This is a bug we are aware of, and should be fixed in our next patch (version 2.0.2). We are currently testing 2.0.2 and hope to release it in the next couple of weeks.

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