Using Mac - auto selecting everything

  • Not sure what I am doing wrong... when I open the program it works great for a few minutes. Then something will happen and every scene I mouse over will turn blue (selected). It will not allow me to only select one.

    As I was just resizing a text box it would not allow me to deselect. so as I moved the mouse the box just resized back and forth, the outline was gone, and I could not release the click to click elsewhere and continue working.

    Something is sticking, how do I release this when it happens? 

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  • when my mouse is over the timeline - the timeline moves back and forth with my mouse. the only way to get to another scene is to move up off the timeline, and then come back on it where I need to select. This is not working right. 

  • I thought this was live help? The only way I can get the program to stop this (once it starts) is to close the program and restart. Just lost a ton of work! 

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