Wont Record Voice Over

  • I am problem trying to record the voice over. Evertime I click on the record button, it will froze halfway while rendering the scribe.
    My scribe is about 5.3 mins long


    (6.14 MB)
  • I have the same problem. I already reduced the images size but the problem persist.

  • Please help me a soon us possible 

  • Here my project

  • Hi Gloria and Rachel,

    Thanks for posting your scribes here. I've had a look at them and they're both using up quite a lot of memory, so when you try to record a voice over that pushes it over the edge, so to speak.
    Rachel- As your your scribe has a lot of imported images, it would be worth checking how big the original images are, and if they are over around 150kb try resizing them (this is a good tool for doing that, although there are others) and replacing your current images with the resized ones. Alternatively you could split your scribe into two by cutting half of your elements out of your scribe and then pasting them into a new scribe file. You could then edit and render them separately, and then join them together again in Movie Maker (windows) or iMovie (mac).

    Gloria- I have noticed that you have a lot of text in Comic Sans. Imported fonts can use up a lot of memory, particularly in longer scribes. Try changing the fonts in your scribe back to 'Basic'. This should free up a lot of memory and allow you to record a voiceover.

    If the above information doesn't help to resolve the issue, or match what you need, please raise a ticket and we can give you some more detailed support.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Dan.

    Now I can record my voice.  A soon us I change de letters font every thing work.

    Thank a lot.


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