Issue the Voiceovers, possible solution?

  • I was having a problem with voice over on a scribe. I posted to twitter and got a suggestion to post it here. I thought I found my solution, but now I'm not entirely sure.

    I usually record my script, import it and then build my scribe to match the audio. The scribe plays fine in the preview window; however, when I publish to a WMV file on my computer, I sometimes get a video that plays until the last second or so and then restarts for the remaining video.

    The solution I thought I found was to remove the pause and transition time from the last item; that seems hit and miss.


  • Hi,

    If your voicevover is shorter than the total video length, then the voiceover will  loop.

    You should be able to solve the problem by adding more silence to the end of the voiceover so that it is the same length as (or longer than) the video.

    (removing pauses from the last item will probably only solve the problem if doing so makes the video as short as the voiceover)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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