Importing Slides from existing video Scribes

  • I want one or two "scenes" from one of my existing scribes, is there a way to do that with out recreating them?

  • Hi Pete, good question.

    You can load up one of the scribes that have the items in and select the specific items you want.

    If you then press the copy button

    Now before doing anything else, exit the scribe without saving by pressing the back icon in the top left corner which will take you back to the projects screen

    Open the scribe project you want to add the items to and select the paste icon

    You will need to consider the camera position and element size of the items may be different in one scribe but you will be able to adjust them when you have copied them over

    I have attached a quick video to show you how this is done in version 2.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Thanks Joe, that will work, although a little time consuming for bigger scribes.

    I was expecting a import function that would allow me to select another scribe then show me the elements and let me import them (basically the bottom slider windows in a dropdown combo or something). 

    Thanks again for a great product, I am really enjoying it.

  • Hi Pete,

    Good to hear that you are enjoying using VideoScribe. If this is a feature you would like to see in the future it's worth posting this in the ideas and feature requests section of our forum- we do look at the more popular topics in there when thinking about how to enhance VideoScribe.

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