Trouble Rendering

  • So I have created a video, approx 3 mins 40 sec long, I have tried to render it in just about every format and every time, right at the end, I get the message  "Creating video, no time remaining"..I have spent/wasted about 2 hours on this now, and need to get this job out by!!

    Any suggestions? I have also done a 'mock' 30 second video to test, and that is no I really don't know what's wrong with this..but I need some help urgently.


  • Hi,
    If you want specific feedback on a scribe, you can save it online and tell support the name, or you can attach your scribe here and other users may be able to provide feedback.

    Official FAQ for freezing:

    community  notes on freezing during rendering/saving/or opening:

    Videoscribe freezes or crashes (opening, playing, working, saving or rendering)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Jo,

    As we will need to talk to you about your account details to help you resolve this issue I have converted this post to a private ticket.

  • Thanks, but I have sorted it myself now by re-naming the scribe, closing down and worked thankfully.

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