Cleanup Problem

  •  I'm still using 1.3.26. I'm sure this problem can vary from user to user, but if you use VS for any length of time, your memory will eventually  bog down.

    I read somewhere the solution was to delete old scribes.

    CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG SPARKOL, but this means you have to delete them one at a time and if you want to save them before deleting them, again, you have to export them one at a time. VERY TIME CONSUMING

    Spakol needs to provide a utility to help us manage our scribes more efficiently. I don't like the idea of deleting them, but would rather archive them in case I need them for future use. To make this work, when archived, they would not eat up any memory resources.

    Please Sparkol, come up with a better way for us to manage our scribes. One at a time is just not efficient and very time consuming. WE NEED A BETTER WAY.

    If there is a better way of doing it NOW,  rather than the one at time method, please let us know. I have tons of scribes and things are slow. I did spend over an hour deleting about 6 months worth, but time is an issue and doing it one at a time is very tedious. I get clients who ask me a year later to make changes to a scribe. Having a better way to manage your scribes is something needed badly.



  • Hi Dan,

    As we may need to talk to you about your account details to help you resolve this issue, I have converted this post to a ticket. You should receive an email from our support team shortly. 

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