exported .mov file are badly fragmented.

  • The type in my exported .mov file are badly fragmented.

    I have re-installed the software and set the default image quality to 1200px and the issue persists.

    I'm using v2.01 on a Mac

    Any ideas?

  • Hi,
    1) Attaching a sample video would help explain the problem.
    2) trial member or paying member?
    3) what quality setting are you using to export the video?
    4) are you viewing the video in quicktime player?
    5) have you tried viewing the video in more than one video player?
    6) are you importing the video into some other program?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've attached a Screenshot to view which shows the fragmentation of the type. The .mov is too large to send here.

    We purchased the software outright

    The export is set to 720 Standard HD

    The file was viewed in 2 versions of Quicktime on 2 different computers (same issue)

    I've tried importing into Final Cut Pro and the issue remains



  • Hi John,

    so the issue is with the rendering process.

    Could you try to resize the text slightly before rendering again. 

    You can render in a low quality to speed things up and then check to see if the problem remains.

    If you do not get the same issue you can render again with the higher resolution settings.



  • Hi Matthew

    I changed the font, resized and resaved but the text is still fragmented.

    Perhaps the 2.02 update will resolve it.


  • Hi John,

    yes I would definitely recommend upgrading to 2.0.2.


  • Tried the update and the issue persists. I also still have the other problem with text boxes squeezing, ie they will not reduce in size proportionately, resulting in the text distorting to the point where it is illegible.

    Don't know if the issues are related or not. Unfortunately if this issues can't be resolved it makes the software useless for me.

    Screen shot attached for reference


  • Hi John,

    please could you delete all the imported fonts from VideoScribe.

    To do this go to 'add text' and click on the F in the bottom left corner.

    Then click on the trash can next to every imported font.

    Restart VideoScribe when you have done this.

    You will need to add the font you are using for your scribe again.

    Does the problem still persist after this?

    Could you tell me the name/s of the font/s that are affected by this problem.



  • Hi Matthew

    Deleted and re-imported the fonts and this seems to have resolved both issues.

    Well done and thank you



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