Hand skips over text

  • I added text and the hand appears to write the first five or six words than it seems to just skip over the last four words as they appear. I have the timing set for 2.5 seconds to write 10 words..

  • Hi Rick,

    sometimes this will happen when previewing your scribe especially if you have a lot of text to draw over a short period of time.

    There is a limit to the amount of text that you can draw in a certain amount of time.

    The effect will generally look worse in the preview than it does when you publish to a video file.

    To get around this you need to either cut the amount of words or increase the draw time.


  • thank you

  • ok... now.. when i press CTRL, i am no longer getting the ability to join elements on the same canvas. it won't highlight the elements at all, it just moves from one to the other. it worked b4 but not now???? :(

  • Do you still get the same problem after closing VideoScribe?

    Can you select multiple elements in the elements tray at the bottom?


  • I'll check when i get home . i'm working on my office pc right now and i don't have the same issue. 

    I do have another question though... how can you transition from one "page" to the next without having it look like you're moving the canvas down or having to erase the page and start adding objects in the same place?

  • Hi Rick,

    you can't transition from one page to the next without having it look like you're moving the canvas down.

    I recommend that you watch the tutorials which will give you a good idea about what you can do with the software.

    Please make sure that you have the latest version on your Mac.



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