Greyscale Stock images

  • Hey! Recently I have gone back to a scribe that I had been working on a few months ago and I used a few stock images in "Grey scale". Since ive gone back to this scribe I find that when the grey scale images are drawn it does not draw the images line by line, obviously this is an issue, does anyone have a fix for this? The images draw properly in other color types but not grey scale. 

  • I am afraid that this is a bug in version 2 of VideoScribe.

    It has been logged and will be looked at and fixed in a future release.


  • Hi Matt,
    This might be a good addition to the "version 2 known bugs" post in the Instant Answers section if you have a free moment to update that.

    -Mike (prairie dog wrangler)


  • I have added this to the list of known bugs in version 2.


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