movie not found in camera roll

  • On Videoscribe for ipad, I selected "Publis" and then "Camera Roll". After a while I got the message tha the scribe was exported to camera roll. I can't find it there. Where did it go?.

  • Hi,

    I believe customer support will be back on Monday during UK business hours.

    My guess is that the video was larger than the available free memory and so it was not saved.

    If you have the option to save the video somewhere else like youtube or dropbox, I would try that as a test.
    You could also check your available memory, try freeing up more memory, or try rendering  a shorter test video.

    Support may have other suggestions for you.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • My iPad is actually just a week old so I know memory was not the problem. I actually found the solution to this, and I think it's the answer to similar problems. :) Go to Settings > Privacy > Photos > then turn on access to VideoScribe Try publishing again to Camera Roll and your video will now appear there. Hope it works! VideoScribe does not automatically asks for access to your Photos unlike other applications so I guess we just have to do it ourselves. :)
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