SVG draws as oultine then fills

  • I have made a drawing using Adobe Ideas on iPad.
    Exported to computer as PDF.
    Opened in Illustrtor. Converted to SVG before importing to Video Scribe.
    Image draws well but it renders the outline then fills on completion.
    How do I correct this to get a complete 'stroke' without the outline?

    I am new to both Ai and VideoScribe - basic user.

    (2.22 MB)
  • Hi Frank,

    this is because Illustrator traces the outline of the image when you save it to an SVG.

    VideoScribe will then follow that outline.

    Please could you see the YouTube tutorial on creating your own SVGs.

    Also there is a post on the same topic in our help section.

    Please let me know if this is what you are looking for.


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