Feedback welcome – sound effects in VideoScribe

  • Here's the third sneak preview of the new features in VideoScribe 2.1. 

    This week we're showing you the sound effects feature, which lets you attach sounds to individual elements in your scribe.

    Sparkol blog – sound effects

    You can find out more and watch a demo here. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, please let us know your thoughts!

  • Very fun! Really liking all of these new features :) Makes it so simple to increase the engagement!


  • Loving that :)

  • When will the sound effects be available. I would like to be able to add music to certain scenes. That way for example, after the narration was complete I could play music while the credits roll.


  • Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We're aiming to have a beta version of 2.1 available to download within the next two weeks.

     The sound effects feature allows you to attach a sound to a particular element on the canvas, so you won't be able to add music to a whole scene unfortunately.

    If you post your request in Ideas and suggestions, our development team will be able to see it and track its popularity.

  • Thanks


  • Where are the sound effects and how does one add them? 

  • Mark - do you have the 2.1 Beta installed, (you need to be on the Beta programme for that)?

    If so, select an object, go to edit it in usual way and there is a "Star" at the bottom (between "Hand" and "Delete").

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Mark, 

    Bruce is right about the process. If you need to download 2.1 beta there are instructions on the blog.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to change (increase or decrease)  the default value (time) of the sound effect of the individual scribe element.

    Secondly, where to find the "animals" sound effects as shown in the demo video.


  • Hi Absar,

    If you have a chat with our support team they will be able to advise you. Thanks!

  •  I downloaded the beta program but don't see it to open it. Video Scribe opens as usual and I don't see anything that would show me how to access the new images with sound effects. Help?


  • Hi Absar,

    Right now there's no way to edit the time of sound effects within VideoScribe. We haven't included any animal SFX either, but you can make your own and import them if you like!

  • If anyone has any questions about version 2.1 beta, please have a chat with our support team. Thanks!